Three Most Exciting Places in Abu Dhabi

    Along with being the industrial hub of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is also its capital city. It contains quite a large waterside that plays a vital role in making it stand out. The first tribe to live here was the tribe of Bani Yas, who depended on fishing for survival. After the discovery of oil, Abu Dhabi started to be counted in prominent places worldwide. Abu Dhabi is the center of business in modern days. Due to its location on the seashores, it contains fantastic tourist spots in the UAE. Below are some of the exciting places of tourism in Abu Dhabi.

    1- The Grand Mosque

    The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi is named Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is the biggest mosque in the UAE and also possesses the regard of its landmark. It is exterior and interiorly designed with white marble, making it beautiful architecture. It took 20 years to be built, and finally, it was inaugurated in 2007. Forty thousand people can worship at the same time in it.

    2- Saadiyat Island

    Among the various islands in Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island stands out. It is a white sandy island that is a fantastic spot for sun-seekers. Going to the beach does not cost too much, and one can enjoy different facilities like cafes, lifeguards, shades, etc. To enjoy a more luxurious environment, the private Beach Club is there for anyone but at a high cost.

    3- Water Cruise 

    There is no substitute for cruising in the water. The complete look of the skyscraper infrastructures in Abu Dhabi can only be taken by moving away from the city. Going into the water and then watching the city is a fantastic experience. Taking pictures and videos is worth it. Whether one moves to the water in daylight or at night, both give unique vibes. At night the light on the buildings and roads lit up the whole city.

    Final Thoughts

    After discovering oil reserves, Abu Dhabi has become one of those great places that enchant its viewers at first sight. If you want to enjoy the vibes of Abu Dhabi, you can contact any trustworthy travel agent.

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