SPC Free Zone

    Why Choose the SPC Free Zone?

    SP Free Zone boasts one of the world’s most diverse and robust economic Zones, consistently ranking high on the ‘ease of doing business’ index. Its strategic location bridges Asia, Africa, and Europe, serving as a gateway to global markets. The UAE’s thriving business ecosystem offers easy access to investors and venture capitalists, along with ample networking opportunities. The government actively supports entrepreneurship through streamlined business setup services, funding programs, incubators, and free zones offering attractive tax and ownership benefits.

    Steps to Setting Up Your Company in SPC Free Zone

    1. Cement Your Idea

    First, refine your business idea. Identify your target markets and audiences within the UAE. Decide whether to start on a smaller or larger scale. Conduct market research, create a business plan, and assemble a strong team.

    2. Select Your Business Structure

    Choose a business structure that suits your needs. Consulting with a business setup specialist can be very beneficial. Here are your options:

    Free Zone

    The UAE’s free zones are designated areas with special economic benefits. Business owners in free zones enjoy complete ownership, a 9% corporate tax rate on profits exceeding AED 375,000, and no personal income tax. Benefits include instant licenses, guaranteed banking within three days, unlimited visas for partners, investors, and employees, and clear cost calculations.


    Mainland companies can trade freely within the UAE. However, setup costs are higher, including licensing fees, registration charges, and mandatory office space rental. Additionally, the number of employee visas you can sponsor is tied to your office space size.


    Offshore company setup is cost-effective with low overheads, as no premises are permitted. However, offshore companies cannot conduct business within the UAE or have a physical office, and owners are not eligible for UAE residency visas.

    3. Select Your Business Activities

    Choose specific business activities based on your selected jurisdiction. Some licenses require third-party approvals. Streamlining the process through a free zone can expedite approvals.

    License Types:

    Commercial License: Covers general trading activities such as buying and selling goods, imports and exports, sales, logistics, travel, tourism, and real estate.

    Industrial License: For startups involved in manufacturing, covering sectors like textiles, paper, and metal objects.

    Professional License: For providing specific services such as consulting, medical services, beauty and wellness, or repair services.

    Review the full list of business activities offered by SPC Free Zone to better understand your options and setup costs.

    4. Applying and Entry Permits

    In a free zone like SPC Free Zone, the application process involves just two steps. You’ll need basic paperwork such as passport/ID copies and a carefully selected business name, adhering to UAE naming guidelines.

    This guide should help you navigate the initial steps of launching your business in the UAE, setting you on the path to success in this vibrant economic landscape.

    The name of your business must adhere to the following guidelines:

    It must be unique and not contain elements of any existing UAE company names.

    It must align with the cultural and religious values of the UAE, avoiding any offensive or inappropriate words.

    It must be compatible with the nature of your business.

    It must include an abbreviation of the chosen business structure, such as LLC.

    After selecting your business name, you’ll need to open a business bank account. SPC Free Zone simplifies this step by guaranteeing a banking account within three working days, removing an additional hurdle from your setup process.

    Once you register for e-channel services and apply for your entry permit, you will receive a temporary visa, typically valid for up to 60 days. During this period, you can activate your status and complete a required medical test, followed by applying for your Emirates ID card.

    In summary, setting up a business in the UAE is a straightforward process. Partnering with the right Business advisor such as FreeZoneMarket.ae can expedite the process, helping your entrepreneurial dreams become a reality.

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